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Pokemon, Ben 10, Heroes Unite==

the story goes that Inorcat, Azmuth's oldmentor

I am Inorcat, and I will rule the universe with the help of the shadow!

finds out that Kevin Levin made an ugly, stuffy nosed version of Gwen and was furious, believing that he had wronged nature! After Ben realized that Gwen was nothing more than an alien robot and the real main villain in Ben 10 Alien Force & Ultimate Alien. When the Robot was destroyed Ben was later sucked in a vortex into the world of Pokemon! He met up with Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town and told him his life long battles he has been through, then Ash tells him his story about his life.

Villains plan.Edit

Inorcat finds out Ben Tennyson is alive in another world and sends out one of his probes, but he doesn't know that Thor's Brother Loki is watching them and plans to use the Pokemon and Ultimatrix to rule the universe and to free an ultimate creature that can be stronger than the Hulk, Thor, Captain America combined. but also Butch from Team Rocket overthrows Giovanni and exposing Giovanni as an imposter! It is also revealed that Butch is a servant of another, which is the ultimate creature!

Alien ThreatEdit

Ash and Pikachu, befriends Ben Tennyson and decides to show him all of Cerulean City to meet Misty! Well until Dr. Animo wants revenge on Ben for destroying his youth stealing formula!