This was the team before Pokesqaud that Ash lead, and before Gary became the leader of the Percepticons.

The Pride membersEdit

  • Ash Ketchum/ Lion (Matthew Broderick) - former leader and left to become Ashemis Prime!
  • Gary Oak/ Tiger (Tim Curry) - left the team and became Gelvarod.
  • Pauk Benson/ Lynx (Michael Clarke Duncan) - retired and became the resturant owner of "Jungle Japes" Cafe.
  • Katlyn Brianna/ Cheetah (T'Keyah Crystal) - became her own hero!
  • Salina Olk/ Leopard (Jennifer Hale) - retired and became a reporter.
  • Bill Hujak/ Panther (Phill LaMarr) - affected by Dark energy and becomes Shade!
  • Maya/ Jaguar (Tom Kane) - exposed as a double Agent!

The PackEdit

  • Lobo Wolfsbane/ Wolf (Mark Hamill) - left the team and became Zeal Wolf of Zeal!
  • Marina Banks/ Fox (Marina Sirits) - deceased, died falling off the elevator shaft!
  • Gordon Bethlahem/ Jackal (Matt Frewer) - sent to Arkham Asylum.
  • Jason Tech/ Cayote (Jonathan Frakes) - became Brainiac Cayote.
  • Sabrina Bethlahem/ Hyena (Cree Summer) - refromed and retired as a clerk.
  • Outback Bill/ Dingo (Steven Blum) - retired and became Crocodile Man's father!