Pokesqaud Super Villains== here are some of the most baddest Rogues in Pokesquad Red & Pokesqaud Blue.

Rogues of Crimson Tower
Lord Quartzon/ Butch Quartz: devoted servant of the Man-Dragon and has weapons themed with Gems, He is one of the first villains the Pokesqaud ever encountered. Type: Rock voice of Mark Hamill. first appearance: All Glimmer and Shine. Zeke Baker/ Blaze Hunk: an ex fire dancer, who was burnt at his Luao, now he is a crazed Tiki themed villain and he uses Tiki Bombs as his means, he also has a gang known as the Tiki Brothers. Type: Fire voice of Kevin Michael Richardson. first Appearance: Vacation on Tiki Beach.
Plimdax the Conqurer: an ogre king who wants to conquer Pokopulis, and Sarcania with the strentgh of Goblins, Trolls, Ogres, and even Gremlins. Type: Fighting Voice of John DiMaggio. first Apperance: Giant Prorportions.
Junkman: a mad man who has the power to control metal, even Garbage. he is often in Junkyard hideouts, he even has his own cult, the Garbage men. Type: Steel Voice of Corey Burton. First Appearance: Garbage Day.
Steam Glove: he is a very strange character, he has a suit that conditions him from the steam he gives off, he is said to be the master of Steam. Type Wind Voice of Tom Kenny first Appearance: Steam.
The Dark Orca: a scientist that was mutated into a half man/ half whale hybrid. He wears a suit that is comfortable to his Whale Skin, and he wears a helmet that conceals his Whale like face. He has a Tenticruel sub and Tenticruel as his minions. Type Water. Voice of Jeff Bennett First Appearance: Aqauria Island.
Prehistoron: a Stegosaurus themed Sorceror, who desires vengeance on the high school that mocked him, Pokopulis High. He has the Power to bring back prehistoric creatures back to life. Type Ground Voice of Peter MacNicol First appearance: Day of the Dinosaur.

I.C.E: the coldest villain the Pokesqaud had ever encountered, he is from Japan, and he wants to create a new Ice Age. Type Ice

Voice of James Sie first Apperance: Project Ice Age
Man-Dragon/ Drake Roark Simmons: the main villain in Pokesqaud, and the Pokemon World, He is dangerous and hurt that his love Misty married Ash instead of him. Type Dragon. Voice of Travis J. Gould First Apperance: Law of Nature.
Brainiac Cayote:a combination of three criminal machines, Brainiac, Cayote, and the Robot Gwen, they form the brain of Brainiac Cayote, he became the Pokesqaud's finest arch foes! Type Steel voice of Jonathan Frakes, Corey Burton, and Ashley Johnson First Appearance: No one's Perfect!