Season 4 is bigger than ever!

Pokequad antagonistsEdit

Drake Roark Simmons/Man-Dragon (Travis J. Gould)

(season 1)

Emperor Clarwal (Clancy Brown)

(Season 2)

Vlad Valmont/ Destroyer (David Sobolov)

(Season 3)

and now

Thomas Pierce/ The Dark Master (Eric Buaza)

(Season 4) is now threaten every Pokesquad in Pokopulis and Sarcania, an now all the Squadies must make a new team!

Green Season 4Edit

  • Princess Milla (Maggie Blue O'Hara) - she is the female Green leader of the group, she is very young, very considerate, and very interesting leader.
  • Princess Shoninacah (Tara Strong) - the sister of Milla and second in command of the group, she has a scar on her face after an explosion, and like her sister has the ability of Magic.
  • Dr. Abraham Ace (Wallace Shawn) - the wheel chaired bound inventor of the group, he is intellegent, and abit overeactive, but he is their finest of the bunch.
  • Juan Chi/ The Ninja (Johnny Yong Busch) - the martial artist of the group, and love interest of Princess Milla, he is sometimes thickskulled,but he understands the situation!
  • Clark Van Grin/ Lynx (Wayne Grayson) - the young arrogant member of the group, he always gets in trouble, he has the ability of the Lynx and always finds things!
  • Leo Manx/ Obsidian (Crispin Freeman) - Wild Wolf, Current Girl, Regidon's younger brother, he has the ability of the Earth, he is also the healer of the group!
  • Relator (Dee Bradley Baker) - the mysterious sorcerer of the group, no one truly knows his true identity, and no one seen his real face, except Ace.
  • Helga Wright/ Fire-Lass (Cree Summer) - the Daredevil of the group, she always loses control of the fire wielding ability when she looses focous, so she is training more!
  • Commodore Jira Johnson (Jennifer Hale) - she is third in command and is the one who often watchs the group, and sees how their project and progress are holding up!

Green Percepticon season 4Edit

  • Colonel Henry Paine/ Colonel Pain (J.K. Simmons) - leader of the group, and head of the Blue trio, he is the one who brings pain to anyone he touches, he is twisted, insane, and very much greedy!
  • Joseph Mann/ Frinax (Freddy Rodriguez) - Pain's second in command, and the mad man of the group, he is sadistic, cruel, and cowardly, he is also a cyborg.
  • Gordon Kirk/ Destro II (Tom Hiddleston) - the third in command of the group, he is the strong one, and he enforces Pain's words, he also plans on taking over Pain's group!
  • Skeller (Dee Bradley Baker) - the dimwitted strongman of the group, a reptile monster, with a suit with skeletal features, makes him also one of the most scariest!
  • Brother Kin (Tom Felton) - the dark wizard of the group, he also plans to overthrow Pain, and decides to take on magic never used before!
  • Von Cluch (Jim Ward) - the bounty hunter of the group, he is the one who often is seen in the hangers of Pain's castle and using different weapons, he is also a great swordsman!
  • Foo Fun Carain (Ken Jeong) - he is the scientist of the group, with crab claws and strange cloak, he is said to be very insane!
  • Steam Blade (Lance Henrikson) - one of Foo Fun's creations, and body guard, he is also very scary, and has no emotion except greed, and vain!
  • Scatha (Venessa Marshall) human (Frank Welker) beast - the Dragon shifter of the group (like Dawn or Draca), she is the one who often tries to please Pain with her Dragon abilities!

Pokesqaud XDEdit

  • Lance Cadet/ Lazer Kin (Rino Romano)
  • Burke Cadet/ Blaster Kin (Jim Ward)
  • Le Ferrer De'Count/ The Muskateer (Rene Auberjonois)
  • Tai Lao/ Gecko (James Sie)
  • Bear Claw (Kevin Michael Richardson)
  • Jimmy T. Alts/ Quickstrike (Carlos Alazraqui)
  • Tyler Trent/ Lance (Steven Blum)
  • Veronica Strakk II/ Baron Vengeance (Jessica DiCicco)
  • Alice Main/ Shock-Stone (Kath Soucie)

Percepticon XDEdit

  • Entra Garis (Kevin Michael Richardson)
  • Lightning Lord (James Arnold Taylor)
  • Razuron (David Sobolov)
  • Racon (Michael Dobson)
  • Cybernaut (Clancy Brown)
  • She-Clown (Kath Soucie)
  • Crocore Tartank (Fred Tatasciore)
  • Copperhead (Fred Tatasciore)
  • Prince Lezor (Mark Hildreth)

Pokesqaud BrownEdit

  • Urich Talth/ Dull Prime (Rob Lowe) - the only member that wears the color of Brown in Pokesqaud, he is confedent, and very wise, he is one of the Best leaders in Pokesqaud!
  • Jeremiah Chase/ Green Streak (Patrick Dempsey) - the fastest guy on the team, he is a daredevil, and a very curious member of the group!
  • Sarah Blake/ Sun-Hawk (Megan Fahlenbock) - the only female of the group, she has the powers of light and flight, she is also one of the best of the team!
  • Dr. Zook Roc (Khary Payton) - inventor of the group, he is the one who often brings his inventions to life, he has a crush on Sun-Hawk.
  • Kongo-Man (James C. Mathis III) - Dull Prime's second in command, he is a master of the jungle, he has the strength of an elephant, courage of a lion, humor of a hyena, and wisdom of an owl.
  • Hellium Toad (Alexander Polinsky) - the toad like medical officer of the group, he is the one with wind, and helium.
  • Coiling Frog (Michael Dobson) - a frog with martial arts ability, he has a helmet that has two prongs on each side, he is also a headstrong guy!
  • Bioclops (Kirby Morrow) - he is the mindbender of the group, he bears the mask of the ages, and can see in different dimensions!
  • Dr. Issac Gordon/ Dr. Hornet (Gary Oldman) - he is the member similar to Dr. Henry Pym, he too has the same abilities, but he uses mostly studies Hornets!

Percepticon BrownEdit

  • Prof. Cliff Roberts/ Shadowman (Mark Hamill)- a professor of the Pokopulis Universty who stolen a mask of Shadows, he is insane and mad, he is also the one who keeps secrets that has Prof. Oak's notes!
  • Serena Phillips/ Rough-House (Diane DeLano) -the Enforcing bodyguard of Shadowman, she is delusional, and very aggressive, and she believes she's stronger than Star Prime!
  • Copportor (Dee Bradley Baker) - Shadowman's cowardly lacky, and the one who always seems to fail him, he has the power to control copper, and to manipulate metal!
  • Dr. Warp (Troy Baker) - Shadowman's scientist, who has the abilities to transport anyone throw portals, he is very cunning, and ruthless, he is also very treacherous!
  • The Gator (Frank Welker) - the Enforcer of the group, he is the one wearing an Aligator costume, and always being Corcodile's archenemy!
  • Glassface (Ron Perlman) - the bountyhunter of the group, he wears a glass mask, and he uses mirrors as his weapons, he is insane and cruel, he is also the baddest amongs the bounty hunters!
  • Lord Scare (Keith David) - the second in command of Shadowman, and sorceror of the group, he makes fear comes to life, and he makes everyones worse fear real, he is most sadistic!
  • Skesis (Stephen Root) - the hacker of the group, from the planet of Mala Mala Vrong, he is the most glutonous, and greedy of them all.
  • Lordon (Peter MacNichol) - the Dinosaur creation of Prehistoron but was left behind, he is an allosaurus, and vowes to find his master and do him in!


  • Ray Lockar/ Palkia Prime (Cam Clarke)
  • Commander Darius Hunter/ Tenticruel (Jess Harnell)
  • Jonan Von Bran/ Lunatone (Steven Blum)
  • Serena Beck/ Crovios Agent (Kari Wahlgren)
  • Angie Cam/ Black-Bat (Hynden Walch)
  • Sarah Linda Parker/ Toxicroak (Jennifer Hale)
  • Amanda Leigh/ Speed Princess (Tara Strong)
  • Carmen Leign/ Vortex Princess (Venessa Marshall)
  • William Wisdom/ Prime Ape (Dee Bradley Baker)


  • Drivacolts (Charlie Adler)
  • Cybercon 12 (James Arnold Taylor)
  • Cyberang (Bill Faggerbakke)
  • Blademaster (James Sie)
  • Lexon (Lex Lang)
  • Vorcon Rayquaza (Will Wheaton)
  • Dr. Eva Eurypterid (Candi Milo)
  • Bruiser (Clancy Brown)
  • Cyberboa (Troy Baker)