Pokesqaud Role CallEdit

Red/ Blue/ Green/ Yellow!
Ash Ketchum/ Ashemis Prime (Matthew Broderick) - the Main Protagonist with Leo, he has the mind powers and can be a great leader and is the role model of Leo, Ash is older in this version and more aware of tricks, he is immune to all items except Platinum and he can sense danger!

Misty Ketchum/ Star Prime (Jodi Benson) - Ash's wife and former member of the Teen Titans! She is not like Starfire (her teen version) she dress more like April O'Neil from TMNT 2003 series, and she is one of the strongest and very powerful of the Pokesqaud Elite! Brock Richards/ Mr. Fantastic II (Robin Williams) - old friend of Ash and Misty and has the Power of elastic proportions! James Napier/ Joker II (Martin Short) - former member of Team Rocket and the second Joker. May Roth/ Raven (Tara Strong) - Ash and Misty's good friend and has the abilities to control shadows, and is gothic like Claire. Cilan Morse/ Chimera (Fred Tatasciore) - Ash's friend from Unova and has the strength of the Hulk, intelligence of The Leader, and Speed of Batroc the Leaper. Tracey Sketchit/ The Streak (Steven Blum) - Speedster, vigilante, loner, he is every type of hero for any crime ally but on a team, he makes progress. Iris Jane/ Color-Girl (Katie Griffin) - has the power of color and is a teacher at Dream Weavers Academy where Leo's friends go! Dawn Simmons/ Jinx (Jennifer Hale) - Man-Dragon's sister and Ash's cousin from his father's side of the family, she has dragon senses, dragon talons & fangs, and even the ability of a Sarcanian (like Ash)! also she like Misty, May, and Iris are said by Tori about having big behinds which causes her irritation to Tori!

Leo Den / Mr. Moral (Yuri Lowenthal) has the ability to see the future, and can feel the presence if another Poke-Freak!

Sasha Tyson Beth / Masquerade Girl (Maggie Blue O'Hara) - Leo's love interest and is a shape shifter! Johnny Manx / Wild Wolf (Khary Payton) - Leo's best friend and a Man who can see in the dark and is friends with Wolves! Jim Harold Duncan / Ocean Officer (Will Friedle) - Leo's other best friend and a master of Water and can even control the waves. Monica Plain / Latias (Cree Summer) - Sasha's best friend who can transform into the Pokemon Latias and can be great flier! Kimmy Den / Heartburn (Stephanie Leimlin) - Leo's 15-year old sister with the ability of Fire! Tori Knight / Sky-Hawke (Grey DeLisle) - Sasha's other best friend a sky lover and often is made fun of her own love for birds! Larry Mark / Light-Ray (Nolan North) - a tough guy who's not in a mood with Leo and has the ability to control or go in the speed of light! He became Tori's boyfriend later on! Claire Hunter / Sky Talon (Megan Fahlenbock) - a Goth who's not in a mood with Leo like Larry she has the same abilities like Sky-Hake but only she doesn't defy gravity she controls it while she is in the Sky!

Corbin Dundee/ Crocodile-Man (Steven Blum) - Ash and Leo's rival who can control the Crocodiles and Alligators. He is also very competitive and very arrogant!

Nathaniel Gordon/ T-Wrecks (Greg Cipes) - Ash's biggest fan and is a competitor of Leo, he can have the strength, intelligence, and speed of a T-Rex, he has a keen sense of smell which makes him able to track down any villain! Sarah Manx/ Current Girl (Ashley Johnson) - Nate's Girlfriend and can cause a change in the currents with a sneeze! Her allergies makes her unable to control her powers, and she can also cause air and water currents to go haywire. Tom Wiley/ Sting (Yuri Lowenthal) - has the same abilities of Wasp! He is a soldier, and obeys an order, he also is known for his older brother for being the famous Red Hornet! Dr. Timothy Matrix/ Dr. Meta (Phil LaMarr) - the Scientist of the Group. He can control magnetism, static electricity, and even any gravitational force! Leona Clint (Hynden Walch) - Dawn's old Childhood friend! She is an inventor, a genius and is a warrior like no other, she also is short tempered like some females are, but a good listener! Tori Lund/ Kole II (Scott Menville) - Male version of Kole and old Friend of Ash. He has the power to crystallize his body to create armor! Black Bison (John DiMaggio) - strongest of the group. He is strong as the bison, and ox combined, he is one of a few strong men to be as powerful as the hulk! White Cobra (James Sie) - Fastest of the group. He is a master of martial arts, a master of yoga, and a master of how to escape from a tank!

Cedric Jackson/ Light Prime (Josh Keaton) - Leader of the team and friendly to Leo, he has the Power of Light and the Power to guide people through Darkness.

Natasha Chi Bay/Jungle-Fury (Kim Mai Guest) - A Chinese girl in love with Cedric, raised in the Wild and is a survivor. Joseph Garrett/Milionis (John DiMaggio) - a strong kind British boy, son of Thor and has the ability to call upon thunder with his mighty Shield. Bill Hujak/ Shade (Phil LaMarr) African Shadow man who use's Shadow as a defensive art. Carrie Kristonoff/ Red Princess (Kath Saucie) Russian Super Soldier with the wits to use them! Ben Hosea/Jetfire (Crispin Freeman) the airborne inventor who creates items to help the team fight crime! Katie Candace/ Swan (Danica McKellar) - Ben's girlfriend, has Swan wings on her back and can be very useful as a look out. Brendon George/ Hermes (James Arnold Taylor) - an arrogant rude boy, he goes in a speed the Same as the Streak! Tommy George/ Black Storm (Wayne Grayson) - Brendon's little brother who is not like him, but is shy and nice, he is the one who deals with villains with Dark Clouds and uses them for teleportation or even to send enemies to prison.