Heroes of Renown tells of how heroes got to be chronically chosen to do what is right!

  • Ash Ketchum represents the Pokemon World!, Gary represents the Sin of Pride which soon becomes Ash's new arch enemy!
  • Ben Tennyson represents the Plumber patrol! His Cousin Gwen was revealed to be an Alien Robot behind the troubles of his world who lied to ever one to make everyone believe that he is a threat with the Help of Ricoronis Vilgaxia the son of Vilgax.
  • Starfire represents the Teen Titans! She realized Robin is a womanizer and dumped him infront of Batgirl/Barbera Gordon.
  • Ironman Represents the Avengers! He is the brains of the new operation Heroes Elite and lead them against foes such as Dr. Doom or even Galactus.
  • Optimus Prime represents Cybertron! He has knowledge of the universe and helps Heroes Elite face alien threats such as Megatron or Unicron.