Having returned from Hong Kong, Jake and Rose are together again. Though there is a mystery concerning the whereabouts of Rose's twin sister, which relates to a new enemy, Crom Crowe. And Jake has to solve the mystery in this third and final season.


  • Jake Long (Dante Basco)
  • Lao Shi (Keone Young)
  • Fu Dog (John DiMaggio)
  • Arthur P. "Spud" Spudinski (Charlie Finn)
  • Trixie Carter (Kittie)
  • Rose (Mae Whitman)
  • Haley Long (Amy Bruckner)
  • Jonathan Long (Jeff Bennett)
  • Susan Long (Lauren Tom)
  • Sun Park (Sandra Oh)


  • Crom Crowe (Lance Henrikson) - the main antagonist, A mythical creature from the Irish Mythology freed by Jake's bumbling Professor during his trip in Ireland, his goal is to take revenge on the Dragons who imprisoned him long ago. He appears in the 5 episode arc relating to Rose's twin sister's whereabouts
  • Dark Dragon (Clancy Brown) - imprisoned in the same world as Crowe was, and reveals that it's not just one but millions of Dark Dragons.
  • Eli Pandarus (Jonathan Freeman)
  • Darius King (Giancarlo Eposito) - a Human who hunts mystical creatures so he can get rich.


  • Olivia (Olivia Hack) - a Dragon who Jake befriends, her Dragon form is Black and Green Dragon with a White streak in her wings
  • Thorn (Mae Whitman) - Rose's twin sister, she has a 5-episode arc relating to her whereabouts

Magical Creatures:Edit

  • Unicorns
  • Dragons
  • Fairies
  • Gwilligy - a mystical hound from Fu Dog's past


  • King Arthur (Jason Issacs)
  • Andre and Gina Mallik (Bill Fagerbakke and Bridgette Bako) - Rose's parents, they don't realize they have another daughter


Episode Number Title Air Date Plot
53. Frauds and Fools When Crom Crowe is freed he exposed the Dragon council as frauds including Lao Shi, meanwhile Susan realizes her husband is secretly a clown.
54. Gwillgy Fu Dog is haunted by his past with the Gwillgy whom he made a fool of in 1884 in Brittain, he asks Spud to help him handle it.
55. Unicorn Curse Rose, Trixie, and Susan spend a girls night in China Town only to end up arousing the curse turning them into Unicorns.
56. Dark Dragons The council and Lao Shi apologizes to Jake for not being true to him and judging him instead of themselves, meanwhile Jake finds out the Dragons were different revealing their are more Dark Dragons.
57. ???
58. ???
59. ???
60. ???
61. ???
62. ???
63. ???
64. ???, Part One
65. ???, Part Two Series finale.